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Kids Car Games

开发 Nazara Games

Kids love car. So we made specially a car game for kids. This game is simple and fun racing game for car lover kids.Kids Car Games is for kids under 2 - 6 years of children. It fulfils all criteria: simple driving games, racing games, and even hill climb racing games.Just use the Gas and Brake pedals to control the speed of the car. Choose the level you’d like to play on and try to finish the race in the least time possible. This game is fun and simple, but quite challenging as well.
Kids Car Games is the best car racing games for kids.
Choose from the following tracks:- Track 500 m fixed racing- Track 500 m random racing- Track 1000 m fixed racing- Track 1000 m random racing- Track 2000 m fixed racing- Track 2000 m random racing- Track: Infinite route racing